Sound-accelerated tooth movement.

The duration of a traditional orthodontic treatment is limited by the body’s natural ability to remodel alveolar bone when forces are applied by the orthodontic appliance. The challenge is to reduce treatment time and create a long-term stable oral health environment using non-invasive, easy-to-use solutions. This challenge is increased by the desire not to create patient discomfort or increase the risk of root and bone afflictions.

The Aevo System™ is designed to provide low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to a patient’s dental area. The Aevo System is battery powered, portable, and intended for home use. It is used as an add-on to complement orthodontic braces (e.g., wire braces, clear aligners) and will not impact tooth movement unless the patient has orthodontic braces.

The Aevo System™ enhances the physiological processes associated with orthodontic treatment. Regular use of the Aevo System during orthodontic treatment will facilitate faster tooth movement and decrease orthodontically-induced tooth root resorption.

The Aevo System™

For over 20 years, existing low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) therapies have been proven to accelerate the repair of long bone fractures. This proven history, along with the orthodontic challenge, inspired the development of the Aevo System™, a home-use orthodontic therapy.

Using LIPUS to enhance the biology of tooth movement and accelerate orthodontic treatment is a unique approach that deserves a unique name: OrthoSonic™ treatment.


Product Benefits

The Aevo System™ is a painless, non-invasive, and patient-friendly method to accelerate alveolar bone remodelling and shorten the duration of orthodontic treatment. As a result, doctors can expect to obtain significant treatment efficiency improvements, more time for new patients, and additional revenue by adopting the Aevo System™.



The Aevo System™ uses proven LIPUS technology to deliver consistent treatment to the target zone, ensure acceleration of the bone remodelling process, and shorten the patient’s treatment time as a result.



A common concern among practitioners is creating a stable long-term oral health environment. LIPUS technology is a successfully proven approach for bone remodelling and reduction of tooth root resorption.



The Aevo System™ provides doctors with the ability to select which transducers they would like to activate, allowing them to target the desired treatment zones based on the patient’s needs.

Mechanism of Action

The orthodontic force applied by wire braces or clear aligners is complemented by the Aevo System™. Its LIPUS technology selectively applies ultrasound waves to the desired bone remodelling treatment site: the cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone engagement area. The LIPUS’s impact on bone remodelling accelerates orthodontic treatment while helping to reduce tooth root resorption.

The patented Aevo System™ is also the most advanced therapeutic LIPUS system in the world. It consists of our Check & Adjust clinic software, versatile electronics, oral ultrasound gel, and our intra-oral transducer system.

This safe, easy-to-use device is battery powered to allow for greater portability. It’s also available in three models for customizable home treatment.

Top: Intended for use on the upper dental arch.

Bottom: Intended for use on the lower dental arch.

Dual: Intended for simultaneous or sequential use on both arches

Product Usage

The Aevo System™ is designed with either one or two intra-oral appliances connected to a handheld electronic device, which complements both wire braces and clear aligners. In a biocompatible and accompanying the Aevo System™’s intra-oral ultra sound gel, the Aevo System™ optimizes ultrasound delivery to the desired therapeutic site: the alveolar bone surrounding the targeted tooth roots. 

The Aevo System™ is safe and easy to use. This self-contained, portable system should be used by a single patient. Our in-clinic Check & Adjust software allows the doctor to set up the desired therapy during the patient’s visit. They can then instruct the patient on the system’s correct usage and monitor user compliance at later appointments.

The patient applies treatments at home by placing the intra-oral appliance inside their mouth for one 20-minute session each day. The handheld electronics generate and monitor the ultrasound dosage, display treatment status, and record treatment parameters. For best results, the Aevo System™ should be used for the full length of the orthodontic treatment.