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Why Provide Aevo System Accelerated Orthodontics

The Aevo System™ is a painless, non-invasive, and patient-friendly system that accelerates alveolar bone remodelling, shortening the duration of orthodontic treatment safety with a predictable and stable outcome. As a result, doctors have and you can expect to obtain significant treatment efficiency improvements, more time for new patients, and additional revenue by adopting the Aevo System™.

Shorter Patient Treatment Time

Aevo System™ uses proven LIPUS technology to deliver consistent treatment to the target zone, ensure acceleration of the bone remodelling process, and shorten the patient’s treatment time as a result. This will provide a desirable option for potential patients and more available chair time.

Successful & Stable Orthodontic Treatment Results

The system provides dentists/orthodontists the ability to apply LIPUS to the desired patient’s dental area—the osteoblast and osteoclast cells within the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth root—which is critical for successful and stable long-term orthodontic treatment results.  Successful and stable orthodontic treatment results, which make patients happier.

Long-Term Oral Health

A common concern among practitioners of acceleration is safety. LIPUS technology is a successfully proven approach for bone remodelling at the cellular level due to its direct signal pathway. Regular use of Aevo System™ during orthodontic treatment will facilitate faster tooth movement and decrease orthodontically induced tooth root resorption.  Safe long-term results that improve oral health of your patients.

Redefining Orthodontics

The duration of an orthodontic treatment is determined by the body’s natural ability to remodel alveolar bone when orthodontic forces are applied. The challenge faced is to reduce treatment time while creating a long-term stable oral health environment using non-invasive, easy-to-use solutions. This challenge is increased by the desire to reduce patient discomfort and/or risk of root and bone afflictions.

These challenges led to the creation of the Aevo System™, the most advanced low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) therapy system in the world. The system provides LIPUS to the desired patient’s dental area—the osteoblast and osteoclast cells of the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth root—which is critical for successful and stable orthodontic treatment. The Aevo System is battery powered, portable, and intended for patients to use at home or on-the-go. The system is a complement to orthodontic braces or clear aligners and only impacts tooth movement when orthodontic forces are applied.

The Aevo System™ indication for use is that the system enhances the physiological processes associated with orthodontic treatment. Regular use of the Aevo System™ during orthodontic treatment will facilitate faster tooth movement and decrease orthodontically induced tooth root resorption, thus giving you the capability of Speed, Safety, and Stability.

Science Behind Aevo System

LIPUS has been used successfully for over 30 years to accelerate orthopaedic treatment and for over a decade for orthodontic treatments.  This proven history, along with the known orthodontic challenge, inspired the development of Aevo System™, a home-use orthodontic therapy.

Using LIPUS to enhance the biology of tooth movement and accelerate orthodontic treatment is a unique approach that deserves a unique name: OrthoSonic™ treatment.

Mechanism of Action

The orthodontic force applied by wire braces or clear aligners is complemented by Aevo System™. The system’s LIPUS technology applies ultrasound waves to the desired bone remodelling treatment site at the gum level: the cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone engagement area.

LIPUS stimulates bone remodelling, which accelerates orthodontic treatment due to LIPUS having a direct signal pathway at the cellular level of the alveolar bone remodelling: both osteoclast (bone resorption) and osteoblast (bone formation) cells.

Get More New Patients

Differentiate your Practice

Aevo System provides partners with a decisive advantage and practice differentiation – a faster orthodontic treatment, which produces a more stable and longer-lasting result.

We find patients for our providers 

We proactively run marketing campaigns to educate the public about our innovative accelerated orthodontics system and capture leads of potential patients.  We connect these patients to our providers.

Marketing Support

We provide comprehensive marketing support to our providers, including marketing assets ( social media posts, graphics, photos, videos, posters, brochures etc ) and free marketing and staff training.

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Innovative & User-Friendly

The patented Aevo System is the most advanced LIPUS therapy system in the world.

The Aevo System consists of our LIPUS intra-oral system, inductive charging and storage case, web-based clinic software, patient app, and oral ultrasound gel. This safe, easy-to-use system is battery powered to allow for greater portability. Patients can use it at home or on the go and apply LIPUS simultaneously to both arches.

Aevo System™

  • Comfortable flexible mouthpiece
  • Light and Hands-free
  • Accommodates to your mouth size and shape

Charging Case

  • Durable protection
  • Inductive charging
  • Compact and light

Aevo Clinic WebApp & Aevo Patient Mobile App

  • Manage Patient Aevo Treatment
  • Check Patient Progress
  • Connect with Aevo Patient Mobile App

Aevo Oral Ultrasound Gel

  • Ensures optimal LIPUS therapy
  • Contains Xylitol which is known to prevent dental cavities
  • No Calories, Lactose-Free, Major Allergens-Free (egg, diary, gluten)

History of Aevo System

We created the Aevo System™ because orthodontic patients asked for it. The reason is the growing gap between orthodontic patients’ expectations and status-quo solutions. As patients ask for the perfect smile, they also ask for it to happen quickly, safely, and with better oral health. This is the foundation on which the Aevo System™ was created and will continue to advance.

While developing our ultrasound dental technology, we realized that it has the potential to help several dental afflictions. For that reason we investigated which clinical application to focus on first.

Initially we planned to develop a product for preventing tooth root afflictions caused by mechanical trauma, accidents, and even the mechanical forces applied by orthodontic braces. However, during our market validation activities, we intensified our interactions and discussions with dental professionals. Their feedback caused us to refocus our target applications to provide products that improve a clinic’s efficiency while providing their patients with enhanced treatment.

We learned that providing products to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatments helps both clinics and patients. Dentists/Orthodontists can complete minor to complex treatments more quickly and treat more patients, and patients wear braces for the shortest possible amount of time. We have since fully devoted product development to reducing the duration of orthodontic treatments by accelerating alveolar bone remodelling while maintaining healthy roots and patient comfort.


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