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Painless tooth repair technology could save countless teeth

January 1, 2010 | 

Source: Alberta's Medical Devices and Technologies

While it can’t grow new teeth, SmileSonica is commercializing the first ultrasound-based technology that can regenerate dental tissue under the gums at the root level. This helps make a tooth’s roots stronger so the tooth stops wiggling and doesn’t eventually fall out. While tooth root erosion can occur for numerous reasons including having a dental trauma or wearing braces, it is currently very difficult to treat. SmileSonica still has a few years of development work ahead before its product is ready for dentists to use on patients. Pictured is a prototype of what the commercialized product might eventually look like.

Company: SmileSonica Inc.,, 3 employees, founded 2008, University of Alberta spinoff, investor and grant funded, product in R&D phase, Suite 4-006, NINT Innovation Centre, 11421 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2M9, 780.710.2034

Product: Dental repair technologies

Growth Strategies: Seek investors and team members with experience in technology commercialization and business development

Contact: Cristian Scurtescu, CEO and Founder,, 780.710.2034

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