The Aevo System™: the only therapeutic ultrasound system that shortens orthodontic treatment and reduces tooth root resorption

Accelerated Treatments

Predictable Stability

Long-Term Oral Health

Designed by Canada-based SmileSonica Inc., the Aevo System™ is a therapeutic ultrasound system that accompanies and accelerates orthodontic treatment without causing pain or undesired side effects. Regular use of the system ensures faster tooth movement, shortened orthodontic treatment times, and improved patient long-term oral health.

SmileSonica Inc. is ISO 13485:2016 and MDSAP certified to design, manufacture, and distribute ultrasound therapy devices and accessories for use in dentistry.

Get your sound smile, faster.


If you’re about to or currently wear braces or aligners and don’t want to wear them long-term, the Aevo System™ is designed for you. Enjoy faster treatment time, safe use, and better dental hygiene, not to mention a great smile!

Get your smile faster


This non-invasive treatment accelerant offers benefits not only for the patient but also for the supplying practice, including noticeable increases in patient capacity, clinic revenue, and overall efficiency.

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